For most gamblers, it’s easy to understand what qualities should a casino have to be considered a good one. The best gambling platforms are reliable, convenient, honest and moderately generous: all these qualities keep players excited and interested in spending time and money on gambling. Online gambling platforms have lots of features that differ them from traditional land-based casinos: it’s more convenient to play and the casinos are more accessible to players, most platforms have higher RTP rates and there are plenty of free pokies to try, also it might take a while to withdraw the money you have won. But the main features making the service really great are the same: players are interested in convenient features and reliable operators allowing their users to win real money. That’s why players like 888 Casino Canada: the service has lots of things to offer.

888 Online Casino was created in 1997 and has a huge experience: for about 25 years the casino attracts Canadian players and entertains them with a huge variety of content on the website. The service might be not flawless but it’s definitely good enough to attract thousands of active players all over the country. It has the most important features of a modern online casino operator – it’s trustworthy and diverse, so it can entertain almost every player for a long time. Whether you’re looking for a permanent platform for gambling or just looking for a new website to give it a chance, read this 888 Casino review to learn more about the site.


888 Casino has lots of positive feedback and lots of good rates from its users: this means that the service is reliable and enjoyable for many of its users. Many popular casinos have mixed rates because most people rate different products online more often when they’re upset: when a person is satisfied with a product, they rarely have the motivation to write about it online. At the same time, many services with good rates have something special about them helping them to stand out: that’s why 888 Online Casino is liked by so many Canadian gamblers. The service definitely has many advantages to compete with other platforms:

  • One of the most remarkable features the casino has is its amazing game collection that can impress lots of players. There are more than 1000 casino games available: this number often surprises even the experienced gamblers who have already tried lots of casino websites. You can choose from regular pokies and progressive jackpot slots, table games and live dealer games: that gives you a huge list to choose from! Of course, most players don’t need such a big list of games: players often choose their favourite pokies pretty fast and continue playing them later. But the fact that the service has a huge diversity of content makes it look even bigger and more appealing;
  • Most modern gamblers avoid unlicensed services because they can’t guarantee anything: no one wants to waste money on casino games that give no chance to win anything. Special licensing organizations control online casinos to make sure everything is fair: 888 Casino is certified by eCOGRA and MGA, so these companies are sure that the casino is reliable and trustworthy;
  • Most services offer generous bonuses and promotions to attract new clients: some free spins and credits can improve the gambling experience of newcomers and make them more enthusiastic. The website of the casino claims a newcomer can get a 888 Casino bonus up to C$1500: there are a few requirements for that, though. This sum of money can make lots of players interested and excited: though welcome bonuses aren’t completely free, they can help players to have a good start. Also, the existing players can get up some prizes too: there are regular promotions encouraging them to play. The service has an advanced VIP system for loyal players interested in having profit: the casino wants their active players to stay this way. More 888 Casino bonus information can be found on the official website of the service;
  • It’s pretty easy to find a comfortable banking method there: the service supports the most popular Canadian banking options that can be used for making deposits and withdrawals. The ability to choose the most suitable payment service is essential: most players won’t even deal with a casino they can’t use in a comfortable way. Therefore, 888 Casino is a great service for those who don’t want to change their favourite banking methods and value convenient operators;
  • The customer support of the service works 24\7, so every user can get their issues fixed and their questions answered pretty quickly. In general, a good casino doesn’t create a lot of troubles for its clients but sometimes issues might appear randomly. Some clients want to know more details about their withdrawals while others might forget their passwords: all these questions can be answered with the help of the customer support service;
  • There are lots of online casinos having pretty high wagering requirements: this method allows them to sort their potential clients and repel those people who can’t actually afford gambling for real. 888 Casino doesn’t act like that: the service has pretty low wagering requirements allowing almost everyone to begin their gambling adventure. It shows their open and friendly attitude towards their clients and doesn’t scare away some newcomers who just want to try gambling for the first time;
  • 888 Casino Mobile allows players not to be tied to their personal computers anymore: nowadays modern and convenient gambling can be enjoyed almost anywhere – as long as this place has good internet access, of course. There’s no 888 Casino App but every person can easily use the website via their mobile gadgets: it allows users with iOS and Android gadgets to enjoy gambling easily! 888 Casino Mobile has all the important features of the desktop version of the site: you can play your favourite games and use other important features of the service.

Unfortunately, there are some upsetting moments as well:

  • One of the biggest issues of the casino is the fact that a player can’t fix their withdrawals there. This detail makes the whole process extremely risky sometimes: every player should be very patient and responsible while gambling;
  • A person who’s not a client of the casino or who can’t log in on the website can’t use the customer support system. This detail can be very annoying for those who don’t remember their passwords or have other issues with their accounts, and also it makes it hard for some potential clients to learn more info about the casino unless they manage to find the answer in the FAQ. Another sad moment is that the FAQ of the casino doesn’t have all information a user might be interested in: all the info is presented briefly and some details might be missed. The issue is about to get fixed though;
  • This issue might be pretty subjective but still annoying for some players: there aren’t any bingo games presented on the website. On the other hand, this game can’t be seen as an extremely popular one;
  • One more subjective disadvantage is that the service has some special bonuses for existing players that aren’t available for newcomers. Though it might be motivational for some players to be more active, others might get annoyed.
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