Most players who are interested in casino games and gambling have already tried Blackjack at least once: the game takes a huge place in gamblers’ hearts and the history of gambling in general. It’s hard to imagine a casino player who isn’t interested in how to win at Blackjack too: the game has great popularity and is enjoyed all over the world because it’s entertaining and appealing, and what’s more – it can be a very profitable way of winning money. There are many reasons to like this game: while most casino games are random and their results can’t be influenced by gamblers a lot, Twenty-One (that’s another name of the game) requires skills, intelligence, experience and also a good memory. Knowing a good Blackjack betting strategy, you can make your dreams come true and change your life a lot: though it’s still not a guarantee and lots of things depend on your luck, a basic strategy is still a powerful tool that can become a real game-changer.

Being a perfect player isn’t just a ticket to a great life: it’s also a nice feature that can help you to find new friends and spend time well. The game has a great entertaining potential: it has a very elite vibe and isn’t easy to master for everyone – but it only makes the game more appealing. It’s easy to imagine beautifully dressed men and women gathering together in luxurious casinos to play Blackjack: it’s not only a way of spending leisure time but also your opportunity to become a part of the community of Blackjack fans – and there are lots of interesting and intelligent people there.

To become a good player, you have to practise a lot: most skills require a lot of experience and work, and Blackjack isn’t an exception. The good news is that there are many Blackjack basic strategy tips that can open the door to the world of elite table games for you. Mathematicians and analytics have already created lots of Blackjack tips for newcomers who want to try their luck: nowadays almost everyone can master the game without even leaving their house before visiting a real gambling establishment. You don’t have to spend money to practise too: there are lots of opportunities to sharpen your skills without spending a dollar with the help of online free Blackjack games. But just playing the game is not enough to become really good at it: read this Blackjack guide to have a better understanding of this game and how to bet right to succeed.


Most people claim that the right attitude is essential before starting something new: an unprepared person can be easily trapped by their own expectations and get disappointed later. Misunderstanding can become a real problem for newcomers: it’s pretty dangerous to underestimate the game and to be misinformed about its concept. Blackjack strategy can become a great way of increasing your chances to win but it’s not an ultimate weapon that can make you rich and successful overnight: you can be the best existing Blackjack player and still lose because of the house edge or simply bad luck. To get prepared for real Blackjack, you should remember the following things:

  • No player should feel entitled: the game gives no guarantees and its randomness can sometimes be pretty cruel to every player. Many players have lots of superstitions and their very special rituals connected with gambling: the random nature of casino games can sometimes make people believe that there is a special system or pattern that should be understood to win. Whether you’re a superstitious person or not, don’t rely on your skills or luck too much: the game is unbiased and sometimes it’s very easy to lose a lot of money when not treating the game seriously;
  • The game has different variations, so you may find rules and Blackjack strategy information that is a bit different from what you’ve already heard about the game. Therefore, always be careful and check the game version in advance: nowadays most online and real-life gambling establishments offer multiple game versions to try;
  • You need to have a really good memory for this game but it’s not enough. You can’t just memorize a Blackjack strategy chart to become an undefeatable player: there are lots of analytic skills and calculations required to become a really successful player. But memorizing Blackjack basic strategy is also necessary: the game doesn’t forget half-hearted players and makes it hard for them to win. When being woken in the middle of the night, you must be able to recall all basic strategy info that you’ve learned: gambling in a real casino is a stressful experience for most new players, so you have to be really well-prepared to withstand stress and anxiety;
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the game process: Blackjack is not only about making money but also about getting real pleasure from playing and interacting with other players. Think of Blackjack as it’s just an elite paid game that can sometimes help you a lot of money – and that’s how you’ll never be disappointed.


Every guide of Blackjack basic strategy starts with some essential rules and terms: though most people know its rules and feel like they don’t need any more extra information, there are also newcomers who have never played the game before. There are a few things that create the basis of the game, and it’s important to know when to use them:

  • One of the options players have in Blackjack is to surrender: this action is important at the very beginning of a game when you see your cards for the first time and understand that you can’t play with them because it makes no sense. At the very beginning of every game, look at your cards: if the total of your cards is 16 and the upcard is 9, 10 or an Ace, then you shouldn’t continue playing and the best decision for you is to surrender. The same goes for situations when you have 15 and the dealer’s card is 10: in this condition, you can’t win anyway. Don’t forget that you can’t do it at any moment: to surrender is only an option in the very beginning when you haven’t taken any additional cards yet;
  • Another basic function is splitting: when you have a pair of cards that value the same, you can split them to increase your chances. If you look at your cards and see two 8s, Aces, or cards that both value 10, then you can split. In other situations, you should remember about the upcard: if it’s less than 10 but not 7, then you should split your 9s and 7s in the first instance, and you should also split if the upcard is less than 8 next;
  • Doubling is a huge part of the Blackjack betting strategy: in most situations, this action guarantees you win the head. It’s not always an available option though: many casinos don’t allow their players to do it in some specific situations to make the game a bit more complicated and entertaining. If you look at your cards and see that their total is 10 or 11, then you match your bet and put a chip beside your first wages to have one more card. In most situations, it leads to victory but you aren’t recommended to double when you have 9 or an Ace;
  • In Twenty-One, it’s always important to know when to stop: in many situations, less is better, so you should have a good knowledge of limits and intuition. Though ricking is an essential part of gambling, be wise and patient: it’s essential to hit when the total of your cards is 8 or less, it’s relatively safe to hit or double when you have 11 or less, but if you have over 17 – then it’s time to stand. It’s better to have a bit less than to have too much.

Even these simple bits of information can be very useful at the very beginning of your way of mastering the game. Of course, it’s not a basic strategy yet: there are much more things to remember before you can feel really confident while playing. Luckily, the game is very simple and requires just cards and a friend who can also play Blackjack: practise and become a better player to understand more about games’ details and features, and when you’re ready, then it’s time to take another step.

Every Blackjack player knows that there are a few possible hands you receive when you start a game: the cards you have at the very beginning define your next steps and decisions. When you have two cards none of which is an Ace, you have a Hard hand: it’s a very common situation, so you should be ready to have this scenario pretty often. Find the total value of your cards and look at the upcard. A basic Blackjack strategy guide has an instruction what to do next:

  • If your total is 8, then you need more cards – it’s impossible to win with such a small number. You should hit;
  • If your total is 9 and the upcard is 3 through 6, then it’s better to double, but if it’s not, then hit one more card;
  • In situations when your total is 10 and the upcard is 2 through 9, then doubling is a good option, but if not – then just take one more card;
  • If your total is 10 and the upcard is from 2 to 10, then you should double, but if the upcard is an Ace, then you can have one more card;
  • If you have 12 and the upcard is 2 or three, then you hit, if the dealer’s upcard is 4 through 6, then it’s better to stop. If the upcard is different, then you can hit too;
  • 13 through 16 in total means standing when the dealer’s upcard is from 2 to 6. In other situations, you can have one more card;
  • Never take more cards when you have from 17 to 21.

If you have a Soft Hand, then one of your cards is an Ace – there are lots of other rules you should remember in this case. Basic strategy knows what to do in this situation as well:

  • An Ace plus 2 or 3 means that you can double – if the upcard is 5 or 6. Have one more card if the upcard is something else;
  • An Ace with 4 or 5 can be doubled if the dealer has 4, 5 or 6, in other situations, it’s better to hit;
  • An Ace plus 6 with the upcard of 3 through 6 means that you should double, in other cases – hit;
  • An Ace and 7 with the upcard of 2, 7, 8 means standing, the upcard from 3 to 6 means doubling, other cases mean that you can hit;
  • An Ace accompanied by 8 or 9 means standing.

Sometimes you start playing with a pair of cards – and it’s called The hand of Pairs. It can be presented by two similar cards or just cards of the same value, and the basic strategy knows how to deal with it:

  • A pair of 8s or Aces is a good opportunity to split your cards;
  • If you have 2s or 3s with the upcard from 2 to 7, then splitting is still the best option for you. If the dealer has another card, then you can hit;
  • A pair of 4s with the upcard 5 or 6 should be split, in other cases, you should take another card;
  • A pair of 5s with the upcard of 2 through 9 means splitting, if the dealer has another card, then hit;
  • Split your cards if you have a pair of 6s and the upcard is from 2 to 6, take one more card if not;
  • A pair of 7s with the upcard from 2 to 7 means splitting, if the upcard is different – then take more;
  • A pair of 9s with the upcard 2 through 6, 8 and 9 mean splitting, but if the dealer has 7, ten or an Ace, then stop taking cards and just stand;
  • When you’re lucky enough to have a pair of 10s, then stand.

For many players, these basic rules are enough to become pretty skilled in Blackjack. With practice, every gambler can be so skilled that these instructions will feel like intuition. Though it looks like it’s a lot of information to remember, it’s pretty simple and based on general logics, so it’s much easier to use this info while playing than to remember it without playing a lot. The good news is that most gambling establishments allow players to use a special Blackjack cheat sheet with all the necessary information: it can be a great help for players who feel unconfident and unsure while playing. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to learn the Blackjack basic strategy card – gambling in casinos has an extremely fast pace, so it’s sometimes almost impossible to read through the notes while making quick decisions.

You should be really good at Blackjack before playing for real money: you can’t be slow at calculations and still able to win a lot of money. This game is based on many hands played quickly, so be ready to calculate, analyze and make good choices constantly to increase your chances. Become a really fast and experienced gambler – and it can bring your closer to your dream of winning! use cookie to improve your experience on our website.
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