Gambling has many popular kinds that are widely played all over the world: while some players enjoy classic and advanced pokies the most, others are keen bettors who follow all the popular sports events and make bets. It’s hard to say what kind of gambling is the oldest one but it’s clear that people enjoyed the games of chance centuries ago and these games are still pretty popular all over the world. In Canada, most gamblers prefer sports betting and pokies: these types of games are extremely enjoyable and exciting and they allow players to win very impressive sums of money. The luckiest gamblers love pokies and other casino games because they’re random and unbiased: everyone has a chance there, so no one knows who can be a lucky winner today. Therefore, there are many land-based gambling establishments and online casinos available for Canadian players, and Bodog Canada is one of them.

The service has everything to attract Canadian bettors and sports lovers: Bodog Casino looks modern and appealing, it’s comfortable and convenient and it provides high-quality bookmaker service to its clients. The operator has a huge working experience too: it was created in 1994 and it manages to stay popular and widely used. The operator has found a great balance between keeping the old great things and improving its weaker sides to achieve great quality. Whether you’re an experienced bettor with great intuition or a newcomer interested to try betting for the first time – there’s definitely something for you on the Bodog site. Find out more about the bookmaker to create your opinion about it!


Bodog Canada is one of the perfect examples of reliable and stable bookmaker organizations that constantly grow their audience and keep attracting new clients who will stay active for years. Though it’s extremely hard to satisfy every client, the service has an impressive number of positive reviews and good feedback: in general, players who choose to bet as their favourite kind of gambling tend to be more easy-going and positive about their bookmakers because they can clearly see the results of the sports games. Therefore, you can’t find many users complaining about the casino being unfair: most of the mixed and negative reviews are about some inconvenient details and unpleasant individual issues.

In general, Bodog Canada has many more advantages than disadvantages: the casino’s high rates and positive reputation can be clearly seen in its clients’ positive attitude. The service is a good platform for gamblers who are tired of endless pokies and table games and want just to see the results of their choices made with the help of their knowledge and intuition. Bookmakers all over Canada choose this casino to win and to turn their favourite sports games and events into something that can become potentially profitable: it doubles the joy they achieve and make the process even more exciting. There are the main advantages of the Bodog Casino:

  • One of the first positive features a user sees on the website is a welcome Bodog bonus. Most modern casinos and bookmakers have welcome bonuses to attract new potential clients: it’s an easy kind of advertisement that always works. Bodog bonus allows a player to get up to 200$ after completing the registration and making the first deposit: you need to deposit at least 20$ to have a 100% matching bonus. There are also other Bodog bonus features you can find on the website: the service treats its new clients and existing ones well and increases their interest with special promotions regularly;
  • Bodog Casino is a bookmaker company in the first place, so there are lots of events and sports games available for bettors: you can see horse racing and popular sports events available on the site. The website is created carefully, so it’s easy and comfortable to bet and to stay tuned: the service is comfortable for newbies and skilled bettors interesting in betting for real money. It’s comfortable to find all the information you need and to check the results on the platform;
  • Bodog casino demonstrates a careful professional approach in its work and tries its best to make the platform comfortable for clients. You can easily find the odds displayed in decimal, fractional and American formats: the service understands that even this little detail can create or ruin the impression of the service and wants its clients to feel comfortable and well-treated. The service is full of little details making the betting experience better;
  • Though Bodog is mostly concentrated on betting, you can also play poker and enjoy more traditional casino content there. These casino games can help bettors to relax and to get a bit distracted from betting while waiting for sports events results: sometimes even gamblers who aren’t big fans of pokies want to play a good old slot machine for a while;
  • You can easily enjoy Bodog mobile wherever you have a spare moment: though there isn’t a Bodog app to download, users can easily stay tuned with the help of the Bodog mobile site. A mobile version of the website is comfortable and balanced and it’s well-adapted to mobile devices: all the important features can be found there. A mobile version doesn’t require you to install any additional soft on your smartphone or tablet and doesn’t take space on your favourite device while providing all the necessary functions;
  • Bodog allows users with minimum deposits to enjoy its service. Though some bookmakers try to limit their potential clients by making it a bit higher, the service has a very reasonable and affordable requirement. Therefore, the casino repels those who can’t afford to spend even a little bit of money and makes sure its audience is actually active and ready to bet;
  • There are many banking options available: whether you want to make a deposit or to withdraw the money you have already won, it’s easy to do it. In general, all the money operations are fast and convenient on Bodog;
  • Last but not least – the service is legal in Canada and licensed. Bodog customers can be sure that their gambling experience is safe there: the company tries its best to keep its license active and to provide a high-quality gambling experience.

The casino definitely has lots of pros to attract its potential clients but there are also some disadvantages that can repel newcomers as well:

  • The presence of the mobile version isn’t enough for many gamblers: for some players, it’s much more convenient to download a quality app on their Android or iOS gadgets to have a convenient mobile interface. Though often there’s no big difference between using an app or a mobile site version, some players are just more used to apps – and that can be a great problem for them;
  • Some players also claim that Bodog posts the results a bit later than some other bookmakers do. In general, it doesn’t mean anything for patient gamblers because it doesn’t change your results: if you won, then you take your money. But waiting can be tiring and annoying for some players too;
  • If you’re a player who doesn’t prefer making bets over other kinds of gambling, then you might be a bit disappointed with the diversity of casino games on the site. These pokies are enough to entertain a casual gambler but some big pokie fans might get bored pretty soon.
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