There are lots of kinds of gambling popular worldwide, and the lottery is one of them: it’s hard to imagine another casino game that has such an innocent reputation and unites so many people. Many Keno lovers don’t even think of themselves as gamblers: this kind of lottery is simply enjoyable and satisfying enough to be liked by lots of different people. This game is extremely appealing because it’s simple but sophisticated: though there are lots of Keno winners who have won secondary prizes, there has never been the biggest prize winner. Most people claim that your chances to win the biggest prize are extremely low – but it doesn’t stop daily Keno fans from taking part in this game and enjoying it!

Just like other kinds of this game, daily Keno is liked by Canadian players a lot: the game provides equal chances to win to anyone interested and its results are random. There are enough famous cases of people winning very impressive sums of money there: this game can be very generous and rewarding for those players who are lucky and have great intuition. Sometimes players simply choose keno winning numbers and get amazing prizes: though the biggest prize is almost impossible to reach, smaller prizes can still become pretty big and valuable.

Modern daily Keno is played not only in Canada but also in many countries all over the world: this kind of lottery is often seen as one of the first kinds of lottery ever created and it’s still appreciated by players! The game is extremely simple to play and enjoy: choose a few numbers and wait for keno results. Many casino games require players to know some rules and winning strategies to succeed but Keno is not one of them: it’s easy to start playing and have fun even while being a complete newbie. Also, the game doesn’t require any complicated instruments or conditions, so it’s easy to enjoy online: thousands of Canadians all over the country are waiting for OLG Keno numbers to be known. The game can be a little hobby bringing joy and excitement or an opportunity to win some extra money: though it’s extremely hard to win the biggest prize, everyone can win impressive sums of money!


Keno is considered to be one of the oldest games and kinds of gambling in the world and it’s still popular nowadays: it’s extremely easy to start playing it because of the simple rules it has. There are 80 numbers (from 1 to 80) in this game, and a player should choose up to 20 numbers to play. Players check Keno results regularly to know whether they have won: the more numbers turned out to be correct, the better your result is. This simplicity allows this game to be played regularly: there are lots of daily Keno games allowing players to win a lot of money. Many Canadians consider Keno to be the only kind of gambling they enjoy: this game has simple and understandable rules, so it’s seen as a reliable and honest one. At the same time, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to win there!

People who have already player daily Keno or any other kinds of lotteries know that winning there is as rare and random as in other games. It doesn’t seem that complicated though: players often overestimate their chances to win up to 20 numbers from 80 because it seems to be not that hard. In fact, no one has ever won the biggest Keno prize: your chances to guess all 20 numbers are about 1 to 3,5 quintillion. Meanwhile, it’s pretty real to win small and medium-sized prizes there, and that’s why there are still lots of people ready to play this game. There are lots of articles online offering special strategies and numbers appearing in this game more often than others but there isn’t any evidence of any of these facts being proved. There are also many players from Canada and abroad who have already won impressive sums of money playing Keno: no person knows how lucky they are until they play this game!


Keno is a game that often seems appealing to both gamblers and casual players: it’s fun and rewarding and it’s easy to play Keno responsible as well. The game isn’t highly addictive and it doesn’t require any actions except choosing numbers, so it’s widely played in casinos and outside.

In Canada, there are some options to play Keno without even leaving your house and online casinos can help you with that: popular lotteries are often held online because it’s convenient, fast and comfortable for both players and gambling companies. Potential clients can play Keno from home and check their results online: many casino services update winning numbers regularly to keep their clients informed.


Though most linguists agree that the word “Keno” has French and Latin origins, the game has Chinese roots: it was used in ancient China to improve the country’s financial situation after wars and other dark pages of history. The game become popular in Western countries in the XIX century because it was brought by people who migrated from China. The original hieroglyphs were replaced by numbers to be easier to understand by locals, and from this moment the game is what we are used to now.

Modern Keno has a few kinds but all of the variations don’t change the rules drastically: players can find a few options to choose from to find the most comfortable game. Original Keno named “White Pigeon Ticket” still can be found in some parts of China.

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