Casumo Casino is an operator that is a good example of a relatively new gambling establishment becoming popular. The service was founded in 2012, so it’s relatively new – there are many Canadian gambling establishments that have bigger working experience in gambling. At the same time, the website is popular and widely used by Canadian players: the service has many advantages that make it one of the modern platforms that improve their service and evolve all the time. The casino has lots of positive reviews from users: though casinos often receive negative feedback from unlucky players who don’t win, a good casino can be seen because of its reliability and convenience. Being a modern and comfortable operator, Casumo Casino Canada grows its audience and builds its reputation constantly.

To understand why the service is so popular in Canada, read the Casumo Casino review and learn more about its advantages and disadvantages. The operator has lots of things to attract new users and to keep the existing ones: lots of modern casinos are close to their users and know what they want from a quality gambling experience. A great casino can turn a casual casino game into an exciting adventure to the world of gambling, so that’s why it’s important to use only reliable and fair gambling establishments that treat their clients well. There are some important features Casumo Casino has:

  • Most players agree that a good casino should have lots of casino games to choose from: operators that only have few games aren’t seen as reliable or entertaining enough. A huge list of games is a sign of a casino being popular and big – a service that can afford all these pokies available on its website is more likely to be reliable and fair. Casumo Casino has over 850 games to choose from – and that’s an impressive number for most gamblers. Though most players don’t need that many games to be entertained, the fact that they are available makes the casino more diverse and fun. The website offers lots of popular types of casino content: you can enjoy classic, 3D and video pokies, progressive jackpots, great table games and other types of entertainment that can help you to spend your leisure time well and win some money. The service has a great collection of slots made by famous casino soft developers like Microgaming and NetEnt: these companies are often seen as extremely reliable and quality. In general, a player won’t get bored there: the operator has enough content to satisfy every persons’ taste;
  • The service has lots of promotions to make its website more appealing to people: players can have many bonuses and prizes that can make their experience better. The service has a welcome bonus for new clients and lots of regular ones that can be found on the official website. Sometimes these bonuses change: therefore, every player should be active and visit the website from time to time to get new interesting information. A player can get free spins or credits for making deposits: that’s one of the most popular types of casino promotions and it always works. Also, the casino has a convenient VIP system that encourages the most active players and rewards them for being active. Though it’s not that easy to become a high-levelled VIP user, the bonuses you can receive are worth it;
  • Reputation is key: though everyone can improve after making mistakes, people will remember every failure or scam – the Internet remembers everything. That’s why most casinos care about their name a lot, and Casumo Casino is no exception. The service is licensed and its reliability is tested by special licensing organizations regularly: it’s much easier to lose a license than to get it, so casinos try their best to be fair and honest. Casumo Casino has relatively high RTP rates, pleasantly fair odds and lots of opportunities to make deposits and withdraw money – all of them work fine. The independent and unbiased specialists check the main features of the service regularly to make sure everything works fine – so players can use the casino confidently;
  • The service has lots of convenient banking options that make it easy and comfortable to use. Nowadays the biggest Canadian casinos tend to have multiple options to deposit and withdraw money: though there’s a list of the most popular banking options in Canada, lots of players have their preferable options that aren’t included in the list. Diversity is crucial: a casino should provide clients with as many options as possible, and Casumo does it well. The complete list of banking options can be found on the official website – and you can be sure that you find the most popular options there;
  • Another important feature of every huge business is its customer support system. Every casino should try its best to avoid mistakes and confusing situations but sometimes there are issues that must be solved. A customer should always feel protected, so Casumo Casino has specialists that are ready to help and answer all the important questions 24\7. The customer support system is a live chat with managers: it’s easy to ask a specialist about your issues and the answer will be given quickly;
  • The service has a comfortable platform for mobile gambling: every user can download and install a Casumo app to stay tuned and to have the ability to play anywhere that has good internet access. A good app makes it easy to operate your personal cabinet, play popular games and have fun: all these things can be done via your iOS or Android mobile app. For those who don’t want to download any apps, there’s another opportunity to enjoy mobile gambling: the service’s website is well-adapted to mobile screens, so it can be used via mobile internet browsers;
  • Finally, the casino has multiple free games for those users who want to practise and check some gambling mechanics in advance. Real land-based casinos can’t afford free slot machines because they take place and time and don’t make any profit: every slot machine there is dedicated to making money. online casinos don’t have such a problem, so every user can try their luck in free and harmless pokies there.

Of course, there are some unpleasant moments as well:

  • Though the casino has an impressive list of pokies on the website, you can’t play lots of live dealer games in Casumo Casino: there are only a few of them. Nowadays live games grow their popularity constantly, so the service might consider adding more of them in the future. Also, there are only a few kinds of poker available there: nowadays poker is one of the most popular casino table games, so most casinos have almost every existing kind of poker on their websites. Casumo Casino doesn’t: there are only several basic types of Poker you can enjoy. You can’t play Craps there either: it’s not in the list of available games;
  • Casumo bonuses and extras can be only used on pokies: the service has a wide collection of slots and encourages players to use them. In general, keen poker lovers might be disappointed there: the website might be a good casino to get acquainted with the game but it seems to be not the right place for experienced poker players to stay;
  • It might be surprising for some users: the mobile version of the website is optimised better than a desktop one. Though it’s perfectly possible to use your personal computer as your main gambling gadget, most players are convinced that it’s more comfortable to do so via mobile gadgets.
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