Many people who have an interest in casino games start their gambling adventure from pokies: slot games are colourful and entertaining, and it’s extremely easy to get involved in them. At the same time, slot games often lack the atmosphere of a real luxury casino: for many players, these games are often associated with casual gambling and have nothing in common with these elite casino games people often see in movies or TV series. Therefore, it’s pretty easy for a gambler to become interested in table games: these games have their special vibe and they can make players feel special. While pokies are extremely easy to understand and play, table games require more knowledge and practise: it allows them to stay more special and elite in players’ eyes.

When people think of casino table games they can try, Craps dice game often comes to their minds: the game isn’t too sophisticated or hard to master, it’s enjoyable and profitable – all these features make people interested. Lots of people can start with free craps with their friends: so-called “Street Craps” are perfectly suitable for gambling without a special dice table. Also, this kind of game is PvP, so players can compete with each other and have fun. Casino Craps is different: this game actually requires a special Craps table you can usually see in land-based casinos. This game definitely has its elite vibe and can be a perfect game to start your adventure into the world of casino table games: though it looks a bit confusing for those who have never played it, it’s actually pretty easy to learn and enjoy. Players who want to know how to play Craps can become pretty fluent in this game after a bit of practice because the Craps game is pretty approachable and user-friendly.

The Craps game isn’t new: it was created from the pretty old game named Hazard that has centuries of history and modern Craps appeared apparently in the XIX century. The game is enjoyable and simple: almost everyone can have a lot of joy and win money there because there aren’t special tactics or strategies to win all the time – every player has equal chances! You can become a lucky player and win an impressive sum of money overnight: to do so, you have to learn the rules of Craps and the basic terms of the game in the first place. Though real skills come only with practice, there is enough theory to learn in advance before visiting a real casino.


It’s hard to learn Craps rules without knowing the basic terms of the game: people who have never played this game can feel less confident and even confused when they don’t understand what is going on in the game. Most gamblers who play Craps advise to read the basic information first: though some people might think it’s too primitive, it’s actually extremely important to have no misconceptions from the beginning. These are the most important things you can find in this game:

  • Craps dice;
  • Craps table;
  • A Stick;
  • A Puck.

Most people know what Craps dice and Craps table are: special hex cubes are thrown on a dice table to have the best combination and win. At the same time, many people who aren’t acquainted with the game don’t know that players can’t touch the dice after they are thrown: this process requires a special member of the crew called Stickman who uses a special bent stick to collect the dice and pass them to players – it’s done to minimise the chances that the results can be compromised by undecent players. In general, this person looks after the dice to make sure that everything goes fine. The table is also a very important part of the gambling process: Craps table layout contains all the necessary information about bets and has different zones that are important in this game.

The box and central bets are controlled by another member of the crew – the Boxman. This person also makes sure that the game goes right and operates bets and payment operations in the game. The Dealer is another important part of the crew: this person exchanges money for chips and vice versa, so hard to imagine a Craps game without their assistance. It’s also important to mark the point during the game, and it’s the Dealer’s job. There are usually multiple dealers in every Craps game: it’s considered more polite to communicate with the closest one during the game.

Finally, there are also players who take part in the Craps game. A person who throws the dice is called the Shooter: every person whose turn is to throw the dice can do that or skip their turn. Other players make bets and win money even when they don’t actually play the game at the moment. Like many other casino games, betting is a huge part of the process – therefore, there are no strategies about how to play Craps to win but there are lots of guides on how to make the best bets to win.

When new potential players know the basic terms, then it’s time for them to start practising before visiting a real casino. There are lots of opportunities to do that for free: while some players prefer to start from Street Craps, others consider it to be useless because these two versions of Craps are pretty different. Instead, gamblers play Craps online on those websites that offer free practice to their clients. It’s not risky and it helps players to get involved in the process quickly to feel more confident later.

Newbies often need good advice from those who have more gambling experience: real people’s advice can warn people and prevent lots of mistakes they could make. Most players recommend not to forget these things:

  • Many non-gamblers have a negative attitude towards gambling because of players with addictive personalities who don’t play reasonably. Responsible gambling is a thing all over the world: like many other things, gambling can be harmful when a person can’t afford their style of gambling or control their money well. Like excessive shopping, gambling can become a real issue for people who can’t make boundaries for themselves and bet too much or too often. Every adult person is responsible for their gambling experience: therefore, always know when to stop and don’t cross your limits. Many players also recommend not to take credit cards in casinos because it can provoke excessive money spending. You should consider the amount of money you can afford to spend in advance and never spend more than that;
  • Casinos usually offer multiple tables to choose from: every table has different Craps odds and bets, so almost every player can choose a suitable comfort zone to play. Some gamblers feel like they should play with higher bets to appear richer or riskier than they are: it’s often done to impress friends or attractive players around. Don’t do that and remember that it’s better to spend less and win less than to spend more than you can afford while chasing huge winnings. Find your current level and don’t leave it;
  • Don’t be afraid to ask. Many newcomers are too afraid and ashamed to ask too many questions because they are afraid to be seen as newbies they are: it seems to them that it’s easier just to watch other players and learn everything while playing. In fact, the crew members can help you a lot: it’s their job to operate the game and help the players, so new players shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. Like in many other things, it’s better to ask in advance than to make mistakes.


Craps players know that betting takes a huge place in the game: you don’t have to be the Shooter to win money because your intuition can make you a winner while other players are throwing the dice. There are a few dozens of bet variations in Craps, and that information is the hardest part of Craps that players have to remember. At the same time, you don’t have to know all of them to succeed: the most popular ones are enough to play the game for fun and money. Learning them is usually enough to feel confident while playing online Craps or even visiting a real casino!

The most popular bets include The Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line bets, The Come and Don’t Come bets, Place Bet and a Field bet. It’s easy to understand that the whole gameplay of Craps is based on numbers the Shooter has on the dice: some numbers and\or combinations can make the Shooter win while others make them lose. You can find the complete list of bets online: learn a few of them to bet like a pro!


For many players, online gambling is a great way of playing favourite table games for real money without leaving their houses. It’s true: modern gambling is more convenient, fast and entertaining than ever and it’s extremely approachable, so it’s easy for everyone to take a part in a game. At the same time, it lacks the special atmosphere and excitement of playing in a real “casual” casino: land-based gambling establishments are usually positioned not like places created for making money but also places where people spend time well while enjoying elite games. For many men and women, it’s a ritual of dressing up and visiting a nice casino: it’s an opportunity to communicate with other interesting people, to feel the elite vibe and to enjoy a quite expensive but often rewarding activity. Therefore, people interested in quality human interaction and intellectual games will always visit land-based casino establishments – but it often requires some rules to follow.

A casino – and especially the expensive one – is positioned as an elite place, so people try their best to act and behave politely and relevantly. It’s not enough to learn how to play Craps to visit a real casino – you should always learn some information about norms and superstitions that are important to people playing Craps and the crew. If you don’t want to feel awkward in a casino, then remember these rules:

  • If you want to buy some more chips, then ask the closest dealer for them. It’s considered impolite and rude to interrupt the further dealer because their job is to work with another part of the table: ask the closest one, and this dealer will work with the boxman who is also located on your half of the table;
  • Don’t interrupt other players because it can spoil their luck: lots of superstitious casino players won’t be happy when interrupted by other players who decide to buy in right in the middle of their round. Learn to wait for an appropriate moment: it’s better to do it between rounds. Even when other players aren’t superstitious, it’s easy for many people to lose concentration when someone interrupts them, so don’t irritate other players;
  • Don’t place your pass line wager randomly and always place it in front of the rack: it can make the crew’s work easier and it looks more aesthetically pleasing;

The dice should hit the wall: though it’s not overly complicated, some players can’t throw the dice correctly. Always make sure you do everything right unless you want other players to think that you’re cheating;

  • Stop placing bets after the dealer says that “dice are out” – you should wait for a roll to do that;
  • The casino dice game isn’t a restaurant, so you shouldn’t eat or drink while playing Craps. Chewing can distract other players and create some unpleasant noise, and also food and drinks can take too much space on the dice table – and the table is too important for a game to clutter it. At the same time, Craps in a casino often assume that you should tip the dealers when you win a lot of money;
  • Never say “seven” while playing – this number is sacred for the game, and it’s considered that saying it out loud can bring bad luck. use cookie to improve your experience on our website.
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