Jackpot City is a gambling establishment that has a popular name and a huge reputation in the eyes of all Canadian gamblers. It’s well-known because of its exceptional quality and diversity of gambling content on the website: the service manages to keep a perfect balance between making money and leaving its clients happy. Jackpot City Canada is an operator that is equally great for new potential clients and those who have been playing casino games for many years: this online service cares about its customers and treats them professionally.

From 1998 Jackpot City online casino has become one of the most influential and popular gambling services: its audience consists of several million active players all over the globe who are interested in gambling and like it a lot. This is a huge number of active users for an online casino! Its popularity works as an advertisement too: the casino gains new users regularly and manages to keep the existing ones. Even the name of this casino itself makes people think of money and winnings: no wonder Canadian gamblers are excited to become a part of the gambling world with this operator. Jackpot City casino review will help you to learn more about the casino in case you haven’t heard about it before: read Jackpot City review to make your decision whether you’re interested in trying this operator and giving it a chance or not.


Jackpot City is a service that stands out: almost nothing can become extremely popular unless it has something unique about it. The service has its highlights and flaws: it’s almost impossible to be an absolutely perfect casino because there are always lots of unlucky players who aren’t happy about the service at all. Meanwhile, there are many users who are absolutely in love with the service and its features. The operator maintains a perfect balance between providing quality service and making a profit: for instance, there are always some limitations protecting the casino from players trying to abuse its mechanics. Also, Jackpot City attracts its clients with its safety and reliability: when a player is sure that the casino has a professional approach and is fair to its users, then it won’t have any problems with attracting new clients.

These are the things users find the most appealing about the service:

  • The casino can impress almost every player with its huge list of games available. Nowadays there are different kinds of casino content popular in Canada and abroad: pokies, table games, lotteries and betting – all these things can be extremely enjoyable, so people are interested in trying different kinds of gambling online. Jackpot City provides appealing casino slots including classic pokies and video and 3D slots, progressive jackpot games and also many internationally popular table games like Poker, Roulette, etc.;
  • The service has a very user-friendly and interesting interface: for instance, there are “hot” and “cold” indicators on the service that show the chances of jackpots appearing. Some players might think it decreases the feeling of the randomness of the game but it actually helps to create the necessary tension that can increase a player’s interest and excitement;
  • Another pleasant feature is the great customer service of the casino: there are lots of high-qualified specialists who can help customers and solve all their problems. It’s crucial to have client support ready to answer all the important questions that might suddenly appear: this creates the feeling of stability and safety and is usually a sign of a good casino;
  • Of course, every casino tries to attract new customers with bonuses and promotions and Jackpot City is no exception. There are lots of impressive bonuses for new customers and existing ones: they usually appear on weekends and in the middle of every week. It’s pleasant to get a bonus after joining a new casino but it’s even more pleasant to have regular bonuses while being a client of your favourite casino: this loyalty is rewarded by Jackpot City;
  • Also, the casino has a great VIP program that encourages its loyal players to be active: there are some special promotions and bonuses for VIP users that can really become game-changers. If you’re looking for a reliable casino that encourages its clients, then Jackpot City is for you;
  • Modern gamblers go online instead of crowded land-based casinos: this approach helps players to enjoy gambling in the comfort of their own houses. Meanwhile, gamblers don’t like the idea of spending a lot of time in front of their computers as well, and that’s why mobile gambling has become a real thing. The service hasn’t got a special Jackpot City app for its clients but it still allows them to enjoy Jackpot City casino mobile. All you need is to visit the mobile version of their main website: the platform is well-adapted to mobile gadgets such as tablets and smartphones and works perfectly fine on comparatively small screens. All the important functions and popular games can be found on Jackpot City mobile: a player can simply log in to continue using their profile via their gadget. This approach saves space on devices and allows players to avoid unnecessary additional soft to be downloaded.

Of course, these advantages can create an image of a perfect casino that has no flaws. Though Jackpot City is great in many ways, it still has some cons that can upset and disappoint some of its users. There are the most valuable advantages that can spoil your impression a bit:

  • Though Jackpot City offers generous bonuses to its potential new clients, it’s not that easy to get them. Every casino with a welcome bonus has some special requirements that have to be fulfiled: usually, a player should make a deposit or spend enough money in a casino in general to achieve these bonus spins or money. Jackpot City is no exception: it has very high requirements to repel some potential clients who can’t afford to spend enough money there;
  • A welcome bonus can’t be used anywhere you like: Jackpot CIty’s clients can use their bonuses only playing slots. It’s not a good thing to know for players preferring table games but it’s not an extremely bad thing for most players as well: gamblers love pokies and play them very often;
  • Though the casino is perfectly available and legal in Canada, it’s not allowed in some other countries like Malta, United Kingdom, Spain, etc. Of course, it’s not a problem for most Canadian gamblers but it can become an issue for those players who love travelling and want to enjoy their favourite casino while spending time in other countries.


Jackpot City is a well-balanced and appealing casino operator that knows what its clients are looking for. The service operates a huge number of diverse games from classic slots to poker and provides a convenient and modern website to play them. This gambling establishment has good reviews and its rating is high: players like its comfort and safety, they use its mobile version a lot and enjoy VIP bonuses from the service. The casino is great for newbies and skilled bettors: everyone can find something special there to achieve joy and profit.

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