There are many Canadian online casinos that haven’t been created in a moment out of nowhere: many popular gambling organizations used to operate land-based gambling establishments in the first place before making a decision to concentrate on their online business. On the other hand, there are lots of online casinos that started their way to success online: these services might have less popularity and history, but if they do everything right, then they can become extremely valuable and popular. Leovegas Casino is one of them: the online service was created in

Leovegas tends to be one of the most popular and recognizable online casinos in Canada: the service stands out because of its amazing quality and lots of convenient features making the gambling experience great. For many players, the operator is truly special: it’s no surprise that this casino has won multiple awards for having high-quality standards and providing great service to customers. This Leovegas review will help you to learn more about the casino to understand why the service is so popular and loved by many gamblers all over the country: it definitely has many amazing things to offer! Being one of the most balanced and convenient gambling services isn’t easy but Leovegas Casino seems to succeed: there are many features every gambler would like every casino to have!


Most Canadian players tend to have very positive opinions about Leovegas Casino: there are many positive Leovegas reviews you can easily find online, and most feedback is pretty positive as well. Users have lots of reasons to like the service, and its quality has been confirmed by special awards the service has won recently. Being officially claimed to be the best online casino or the best operator of the year at least once is a big deal: it makes potential clients trust you more and it guarantees the service will have all the attention it deserves. Leovegas Canada is a service that has attracted thousands of active users with its quality and diversity: all the awards only highlight its convenience and modernity.

Though it’s hard to even imagine a casino with no flaws or disadvantages, Leovegas Casino definitely has lots of advantages and only a few minor disadvantages. The service has all the chances to become even more popular soon: nowadays players tend to spend even more time online than they used to, so online casinos have lots of opportunities to grow and evolve. This Leovegas Review will help you to learn a lot about its main features that attract so many Canadian users and keep them entertained. Some of the pros of this casino can be seen as pretty logical and essential things but not every modern online casino service has them: therefore, clients choose Leovegas even more often. There are some of the pros:

  • Modern gamblers often don’t see gambling as just a simple way to spend free time: most players dream of winning a lot of money, so they are only interested in places that can guarantee that the money they might win will be paid. The most obvious way to get this assurance is the license: only licensed gambling establishments are regularly checked and tried by independent organizations to see whether they are fair or not. There are a few major licensing organizations including MGA that give their licenses to most online casino operators all over the world and check them regularly. Leovegas is checked and is claimed to be trustworthy: all the odds and RTP rates are fair, all the payments are stable and every Canadian player can be confident while using the website;
  • Though quality is more important than quantity, it’s important for leading online operators to have lots of games on their websites. The wide diversity of content underlines the fact that the casino is big and stable, and it also allows players to choose the best titles from the huge list of casino content presented online. Leovegas Casino definitely can impress with the number of pokies and other casino games on their website: a user can choose from more than 700 casino games! Most of them are created by famous and loved casino soft developers like Microgaming and Evolution gaming, so everyone can enjoy their quality and fun. These games are reliable and entertaining and they can make you rich;
  • Many gamblers have already heard about some unpleasant situations happening when a small and new casino lies to its clients and disappears without solving any issues or paying any winnings. Leovegas Casino isn’t a place like that: the service values its good reputation and tries its best to prevent and solve all the issues that might appear. That’s why the operator has an advanced customer support service working 24\7 every user can ask some questions to the specialists and to get their problems fixed. The organization also improves itself regularly to avoid any potential problems in general;
  • For most online casinos interested in having mobile gambling as an option for their casino, there are two ways of how to achieve a comfortable mobile gambling service. Some operators choose to develop unique mobile apps while others decide to optimize their website to make it perfectly fine for mobile gadgets. Leovegas doesn’t have a mobile app but its mobile service is brilliant: every user can find everything they need online with the help of their mobile gadgets and they also can enjoy the most popular casino games with the help of their smartphones and tablets;
  • Of course, it’s hard to find a popular online casino that doesn’t have special promotions and bonuses to attract new customers and to advertise its service. Leovegas is no exception: the casino offers free spins to newcomers and also has special promotions available for existing players regularly. A player can achieve Leovegas 50 free spins for The Book Of Dead slot game: it’s more than enough to have a good start there! Also, a player can get up to 100 free spins making deposits and being an active player. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why most new players choose to give the casino a chance!

Speaking about the disadvantages of the service, there are a few details that could have been done better but it doesn’t make them crucial. Some of these minuses are pretty subjective: while some players might find them upsetting or uncomfortable, others won’t be bothered about them at all. There are a few disadvantages you should be aware of in advance:

  • Though Canadian gamblers can easily use the service to enjoy casino games and win money there, Leovegas isn’t available for USA players. This fact isn’t a big problem for those players who rarely travel but it can be an issue for people travelling for business regularly. A player has to stop gambling before a trip to come back to the casino after returning home;
  • Leovegas helps its users to withdraw money easily but it might take a while to have your money. There are services that allow their users to get their money much faster than Leovegas, so the casino is perfect for patient players;
  • Some players also claim that there are not that many banking options available: though it’s easy to find a popular way to make deposits and withdraw money, other services might have more options to choose from.
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