Though online casinos located in Canada aren’t available for local players, there are many casinos located in other countries that can entertain Canadian gamblers. Nowadays it’s not that hard to find a great platform to gamble: there are many high-quality services that contain hundreds of pokies and other types of casino games, so there’s a huge diversity of relaxation and fun. You can easily find a list of the best online casinos available in Canada that are absolutely legal: these operators are reliable, modern and convenient enough to provide great service to all their clients. OLG Ca Online is one of them: being one of the most famous casinos in Canada, this operator has lots of clients and the number of its active users is growing constantly. This service has a long offline history, therefore its name is pretty big in Canada: though the online service was created only in 2015, OLG online casino has many clients and even more users who have already heard about it.

Though the name of the service is usually associated with lotteries, there are many other casino games available on the site. OLG online gaming has many unique pokies created exclusively for the service: every user can enjoy some unusual games and try their luck there. This website is a modern version of the well-known operator: for many clients, it’s easier to trust a service with a huge offline history. Every person dreaming of huge jackpots and unique gambling experience can find something special there: this review will help everyone to learn more about the site and its good and bad sides.


There are many different strategies casino owners use to make their products successful: though it’s easy to answer that “a good casino is a successful one”, the reality is usually more complicated. OLG online casino attracts its users with its name: there are many Canadians who have heard about the gambling company at least once, and there are many non-gamblers who have played OLG lotteries. The original OLG company was created in 1975, so it’s no surprise that there are lots of potential clients who would choose to use this casino: people tend to trust things they have heard about more. Also, the fact that the casino still exists make the service reliable in people’s eyes: this gambling company is definitely good enough to exist for so many years.

At the same time, the service has many pros and cons: nowadays almost every big service has some disadvantages because it’s often hard to find a great balance between making money and attracting new players. The service has some valuable benefits but its bad sides can repel other potential clients, and that’s why it’s always important for gamblers to know more about a casino they want to try. OLG may not be the worst casino in Canada but it’s also not the best one: the service might be fine for some newbies and people with little gambling experience but it won’t be perfect for all experienced players. There are some of the service’s features every potential client should be aware of:

  • One of the biggest advantages the service has is its famous name. OLG is one of the operators that are perfect for adults and older gamblers: most people claim that older people trust organizations with bigger names more. The operator also seems reliable and trustworthy to lottery lovers: the company is mostly famous because of the lotteries. Many advertisement campaigns have also made the company highly recognizable: nowadays it’s hard to meet a Canadian who has never heard about the OLG. This fame makes it easier for the operator to keep its existing players and to attract new ones;
  • A Canadian gambler can easily play OLG online without thinking about whether it’s legal to gamble there or not. The company is absolutely legal in Canada and it also has a license: most gamblers know they can only trust companies with licenses because that fact guarantees that a special organization controls and operates the casino. Also, the license can be lost pretty quickly when a casino lowers its standards: most services try their best to give the best possible service to their clients because all the specialists checking their quality are anonymous, unbiased and honest. OLG manages to keep its license, and it’s a sign that players can trust it;
  • Canadian gamblers can play OLG online with the help of their mobile gadgets on Android. The mobile version of the service allows players to stay tuned and to enjoy their favourite games wherever they are: most modern players aren’t interested in visiting land-based casinos too often and they also don’t want to spend most of their time in front of their computers, so mobile gambling is a perfect decision for them;
  • Players who are tired of playing the same popular pokies all the time can try OLG online games: these pokies have been created for OLG, so they are unique and special. The service presents not only traditional pokies and lotteries but also table games and progressive jackpots to entertain its clients and make their gambling experience more diverse. Most modern pokies you can find online are created by Microgaming or other popular studios but OLG has something you’ve never seen before;
  • Some OLG online games are free: you can easily try them without paying a dollar. Though free games don’t allow you to win real money, they are perfect for trying something new and practising: it’s a free and effective type of advertisement online casinos use to be more appealing and user-friendly in their customers’ eyes. Users can check some slots’ mechanics for free to understand whether they like these games or not;
  • OLG has good customer support service making it easy to contact the operator and to get all the issues solved 24\7. It makes its customers feel more protected and secure: knowing that all the questions can be answered quickly makes the service look more reliable.

Though the operator has a list of advantages, many players have mixed feelings about it: some disadvantages of OLG can significantly spoil the impression. Though the land-based version of the casino is trusted and liked by many players, OLG slots online tend to be not as popular and loved by users. There are some disadvantages you need to know about:

  • The service doesn’t have a mobile site version for players who don’t want to download the OLG app: though it’s a simple decision that could make the creation of the apps for all mobile platforms unnecessary, the casino doesn’t have it. You can’t use the mobile site from your smartphone or tablet and you can’t easily use it via the app too: iOS users don’t have any OLG app to try, and Android users can’t simply download and use it. The app they can download isn’t located in PlayMarket: a player should download it from the OLG website and change a few settings on their smartphone to install it. As you can imagine, it’s not how comfortable and convenient mobile gambling works;
  • The fact that the games presented on the website are made exclusively for OLG makes some players concerned: there are users who claim that the odds and unfair there and it’s almost impossible to win any money in OLG casino. Pokies created by famous casino games developers like Microgaming are regulated and controlled by the company, so casino owners can’t change any settings and change RTP or other important features there. Unique games make it harder to check whether RTP is fair or not;
  • The rules and terms of the casino might seem a bit too complicated. It’s usually a pretty concerning sign: no one wants to deal with a company with regulations that are hard to understand.
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