The lottery is often seen as one of the most innocent kinds of gambling: lots of people who are generally far from gambling enjoy lotteries and see them as the only kind of games of chance to try. The lottery is also a very ancient type of gambling with huge history and cultural background: this kind of gambling is extremely appealing because it doesn’t require any special knowledge and can be enjoyed by many people at the same time. In most lotteries, the only thing a player need is to buy a ticket and to wait for results. This game allows players to spend time well and to win a lot of money: there are many famous stories about lucky players who has won enormous sums of money there. That’s why lotteries are popular in Canada and other countries: everyone wants to become rich without spending a lot of time and money!

Nowadays modern players don’t even need to go outside or to buy real lottery tickets: modern gambling allows everyone to play lotteries online with the help of their computers and mobile gadgets. A mobile service can become a great solution for people who play casually and don’t want to spend a lot of time: there are many Canadian services that have lotteries that have only online formats. One of the most famous and popular lottery websites is PlayOLG Ca: Canadians know this service for many years and the operator has a reputation and name that is known by most Canadian gamblers. The service used to have only an offline format before but now Canadians can enjoy the PlayOLG lottery easily wherever they are. This PlayOLG review will help you to learn more about the service and its features to make a decision whether it’s worth trying for you or not!


Most modern gambling businesses have their pros and cons: it’s almost impossible to be flawless in all customers’ eyes but it’s also extremely hard to become popular and loved without having any major advantages and features helping to stand out. PlayOLG Online is a service that has both advantages and disadvantages: the operator has a long history of being a land-based casino and it’s relatively new online. Some features of the service can attract lots of lottery lovers and especially those people who used to play land-based PlayOLG lotteries before.

Just like other gambling establishments, PlayOLG tries to be appealing and profitable in clients’ eyes: people love great services that allow them to win and to spend time well. At the same time, it’s important to find a perfect balance between being profitable and generous: every casino is created to make money but players are mostly interested in generous and fair operators. PlayOLG has a huge name and reputation that has been created for decades: no wonder many players automatically associate lotteries with this service. There are some important advantages PlayOLG has:

  • PlayOLG is licensed and legal: it makes people confident about playing there. Licensed services are often more reliable and trusted because licensing organizations check casinos’ quality and fairness. PlayOLG has been tested and checked, so it guarantees that the casino has fair odds and provides real chances to win and make money there. If a casino doesn’t fit high licensing standards, then its license can be removed – it’s a strong stimulus to keep the quality high and satisfy clients;
  • The casino is tax-free: this means that Canadian gamblers who win money there don’t have to pay anything to collect their winnings. This detail is only important for lucky clients winning huge sums of Canadian dollars but it’s always pleasant to know this fact in advance;
  • PlayOLG mobile gambling is a convenient way to check lottery results or play pokies wherever you are. Nowadays most online casinos provide mobile gambling to their audience: though a few decades ago online players used to rely on their computers, modern players prefer to use their tablets and smartphones. Though there’s no PlayOLG casino app for iOS users to download, Android users can find the app to enjoy gambling and lotteries wherever they are;
  • Every operator that wants to attract more new customers knows that free games work as well as a great advertisement: players love practising for free and trying gambling mechanics without risking. PlayOLG also has free games to try: though you can’t win any real money there, you also don’t need to make any deposits to do so;
  • The casino has a huge name that is very recognizable and well-known by lots of Canadians: it’s always easier to trust a company that has already been in the game for a while and has a background and reviews;
  • The service doesn’t only contain lotteries: it also has many pokies available. It allows players to try something new because those unique slots created for the service can bring amazing experience and entertainment to every gambler who is tired of lotteries.

There are some important disadvantages of PlayOLG too: though some of them might be pretty subjective, others definitely should be known in advance. Some of them might be very disappointing: though the casino has a huge history in real-life business, it definitely has lots of things to improve online. There are some of its cons:

  • Some players might think that the mobile version of the service is more convenient than the app but others would prefer to download soft on their mobile gadgets. In many cases, mobile apps are more comfortable and user-friendly than mobile sites – it’s easier to find all the functions there and games work better too. PlayOLG doesn’t have a mobile site and it doesn’t have a mobile app for iOS users: this fact might be pretty disappointing for many players. Also, though Android users have an opportunity to download the app, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to install it: it requires checking and chance smartphone settings a bit to make the app work. Therefore, mobile gambling isn’t great in this casino and most players use it via their computers;
  • The service requires its users’ info to be verified and sometimes it takes a lot of time to get verification. In general, this process is a great thing to increase the safety and security of the service but it might be pretty annoying to wait for verification for a long time. The site has a pretty fast and simple registration but it doesn’t help to start playing faster a lot;
  • Even though the service has a license, some players aren’t satisfied with their chances to win there. Pokies created by popular gambling soft developers are regularly tested to be fair and honest because they represent companies. Meanwhile, PlayOLG has its own unique pokies, so many players are sure that it’s almost impossible to win anything there. It’s a very serious disadvantage making this service’s reputation much worse.

In general, the casino is perfect for casual lottery lovers who don’t spend much time playing pokies or any other popular types of gambling – there are many other services that can be much more convenient for that. The site represents a land-based gambling company with huge history and name but it doesn’t feel complete and finished: many players aren’t satisfied with its design and features. If you’re a player mainly interested in lotteries, then it’s a good choice for you: PlayOLG is a platform that is minimalistic and simple enough for everyone to use and enjoy casual gambling.

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