Canadian gamblers love Poker: just like anywhere in the world, this game tends to be one of the most recognizable gambling activities and table games in general. The game has its own charm and vibe: even those people who have never played Poker know about this game because of how many times it has appeared in movies and other media. Poker is a perfectly balanced game for fun and making money: it’s not only about winning but also enjoying the gaming process itself. Also, this game is perfect for those who don’t just rely on their luck and want to use their skills and knowledge: Poker is famous among gamblers because it requires knowledge of strategies and rules that can help you to win. Nowadays players don’t have to visit real land-based casinos to play Poker because gambling has moved online: websites and apps like Pokerstars help players to get amazing gambling experience wherever they are without even leaving their houses.

Pokerstars Canada is a perfect place for Canadian gamblers to experience high-quality gambling easily: Pokerstars Casino is a platform for those who want to practise and those who are interested in making real money there. This is a Poker room for players of different levels and experience: it contains many other players to compete with and lots of events to take part in. For more than 10 years of work this operator has gained enough knowledge and experience to present service players expect to get from a quality casino: Pokerstars Poker is sophisticated and convenient enough to entertain any player.


Pokerstars Poker can become your guide into the world of gambling: this app has lots of things to offer and is ready to guide any newcomer interested in becoming an experienced Poker player. The service is popular among Canadians and players from other countries because it has an amazingly user-friendly design and enough features to satisfy players’ needs. The service has enough advantages not only to attract a player but also to keep them: just like any other popular casino, the service has lots of things to offer. Pokerstars real money gambling is waiting for people who are ready to risk and aren’t afraid to check their Poker skills: the Poker room is a place for confident players.

The service has already created its strategy helping it to stand out and keep its clients with them: though the service has some flaws, it also has enough advantages to be appealing in many players’ eyes. There are some remarkable advantages players notice about this operator:

  • Every big gambling platform is expected to have lots of games to choose from and Pokerstars has enough content to entertain a player. Pokerstars Poker isn’t presented only by one kind of this game: there are also other types of Poker games to enjoy. There are lots of gamblers enjoying different kinds of Poker and trying to play something new from time to time, and Pokerstars is a perfect platform for that;
  • Every gambling service that is big enough to attract many players should have a good interface to be convenient and comfortable, and Pokerstars knows that. The service’s interface is user-friendly and modern: it’s pleasant to look at it and it’s great to use it. The service has great visual effects and looks attractive and modern: this makes people think about its quality and reliability;
  • The service has an amazing educational system to help new potential gamblers to understand Poker a lot. The service offers good training for those who want to know more about Poker and its strategies that can help to win later. Though there are lots of things that can be known only after gaining a lot of experience, this training can be very handy for beginners;
  • The platform understands that just simple Poker games might become boring pretty soon, so it offers great tournaments to keep players excited and motivate them to play. These events have a great competitive vibe and offer generous prizes for people wanting to play with other users;
  • The service actually cares about its users: its customer service works amazingly fast and helps to solve most problems a player can potentially have. It’s usually better not to have any issues at all but sometimes there are questions that have to be answered on time, so this support system is a great advantage Pokerstars offers to its clients;
  • There are two similar services for real money and training: on Pokerstars net real money isn’t a thing and this service is mainly for training and entertainment. is dedicated to real gamblers playing for real money and wanting to risk to win impressive prizes;
  • Like other services, Pokerstars offers promotions and bonuses to attract new potential clients: Pokerstars deposit bonus equals $600 and can be gained after making the first deposit after a player uses a Pokerstars bonus code STARS600. Players can use this bonus to have a great start in this game: it’s always more pleasant to start playing in a new casino after a good promotion. The service also has redemption points that players can collect to gain more money on their deposits: more information about that can be found on the official site.

But the service has disadvantages as well: though every company wants to make no mistakes and satisfy their clients the most, there are some things that can be seen as cons of the platform. There are some subjective (in general) disadvantages you might notice there:

  • Though the service has quality Poker tutoring that can help you to improve your gambling skills, it doesn’t mean that this tutorial is free. The service offers information and education that can be used for making real money and doesn’t want to give it away for free: this is a fair approach that still can be seen as a disadvantage;
  • Real-life poker is a game where bluffing is a big part of the whole gambling process: many players base their gambling strategies around this because Poker games can be unpredictable because of people’s emotions and behaviour. Online gambling doesn’t allow players to rely on this: online format isn’t that functional yet;
  • Like real-life Poker, this Poker room allows players to win money but requires them to be ready to lose at the same time. That’s why gambling is so addictive: it’s often influenced by random factors and no one can guarantee success. This game is good for responsible players who don’t spend more they can afford and understand their risks.
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