Roulette is a game with millions of fans and centuries of history: even when non-gamblers think about casinos, they usually think about this amazing and entertaining game. Being one of the most loved and played gambling games on the planet, Roulette is widely played in many classic gambling establishments and internet casinos: its rules can be adapted to online services well and the game is sophisticated enough to be interesting for both newbies and skilled players. Every person who’s interested in gambling should play this game at least once: players love it not only because it’s rewarding or entertaining but also because Roulette is a great mind game that is often based on human interaction and experience.

For many gamblers, Roulette is a very special table game they can enjoy in casinos. This game combines everything players value: it’s intelligent, entertaining, profitable and it also requires skills and knowledge to win – so it’s not only your luck that can help you to succeed. While some casual players enjoy the idea of completely random games of chance that provide equal chances to everyone, others are more into special games that aren’t that easy to beat. Intelligent games like Roulette aren’t for everyone: if you’re interested in how to win at Roulette, you need to practise a lot and learn some Roulette strategies that can improve your chances a lot. People love being able to influence their chances: though you can’t influence the cards you have, your knowledge of the best Roulette strategy can become your great advantage.

People who have no gambling experience can be interested in the game too because it’s present in many movies and TV series: when you think of luxury casinos full of well-dressed people, you can easily imagine the elite vibe of this game and why it captivates so many players. At the same time, many potential players avoid the game because they think that it’s too difficult to understand it and become a good player: there are so many Roulette strategies you can see online that it sometimes feels like it’s almost impossible to master it. It’s not true: every great Roulette player starts from the basic knowledge and practises it enough to become a confident player. Some tips can help you to learn more about the game and to start your adventure into the world of gambling!


It’s easy to understand that the lack of knowledge can be dangerous – and it’s true for many spheres of our life. Gambling has a controversial reputation because of many gamblers who don’t play reasonably and become highly addicted to casino games. Many people have addictive personalities: it’s hard for them to stop because they feel like every new game gets them closer to winning, and everyone knows about the bad consequences it may lead to. That’s why it’s important to remember about responsible gambling and a reasonable approach: it’s always better to think of a game as just an elite way to spend time that can’t be cheap but can sometimes be pretty rewarding. This way of thinking allows players to avoid their money wasted because they stop thinking of gambling as of investment and start thinking of it as just a quality game instead.

For many people, it’s also not recommended to play in a real casino unless they have enough experience and practice: it’s better to start with free online games because they aren’t risky. Also, learn more about the most used Roulette strategies and tips to have a sufficient amount of knowledge to start. At the same time, remember that no Roulette strategy can guarantee you success: cards are random, and even the smartest and the most experienced players can lose. But having higher chances is important: they are crucial boosters that can get you closer to your dreams. For instance, one of the crucial parts of this game is betting: remembering a good Roulette betting strategy and how much you can bet, you can spend less and profit more. There are many casinos with different bets available: while the smallest ones usually start at $10, the biggest ones can sometimes be up to $60,000 – and it’s definitely not for everyone! Therefore, every player should understand their betting abilities and never waste too much: it’s usually better to set up a sum of money you can afford to spend in advance and leave a credit card at home.

There are also different kinds of the game available: there is a standard game version and an American one, so don’t be surprised to see some deviations of the game you are used to while visiting a real casino. Also, some casinos have period Roulette with 37 numbers in it: don’t let them confuse you because it’s still 35:1 that you should rely on.


There are lots of famous Roulette strategies to choose from: most of them can be easily found online and practised via online Roulette games. These strategies were created by people who spend lots of time analyzing and checking their theories about how to bet and get the biggest profit from it. Though there’s no one ultimate strategy that is much better than others, there are a few of them that are seen as the most and the least effective ones. In general, these strategies are divided into more and less risky: while some gamblers prefer to play as highrollers who risk a lot to have the opportunity to win impressive sums of money, others are more into less risky games and strategies. Whether you’re a highroller player who would better risk at Roulette to have more benefits or a new player who wants to minimize their chances to waste money, you can choose one of the next strategies to succeed.

One of the widely popular and used Roulette strategies is The D’Alembert system: it’s often considered less risky than others and pretty easy to remember. The system is based on your luck and what you do with it: when you lose, you should add one to your initial bet, and when you win – then decrease your bet. This system is based on a theory that every player should eventually win, so a bigger bet can compensate for the previous failures. At the same time, players who notice that they lose for too long should stop because sometimes it’s hard to get to the point when you start winning without losing most of what you have.

Another interesting Roulette strategy is based on a world-famous sequence of numbers developed by Fibonacci. Its idea is pretty simple: every number of the sequence is a sum of two previous numbers in a row. In this Roulette system, concentrate on even-number bets and play until you win, then increase the initial bet by one, and if you win next time, increase it by two. After a failure, start from the very beginning.

Another Roulette strategy that isn’t too risky is The Paroli system. Multiply your bet by 2 after you succeed: this can help you to cover all your failures and still profit from the game. Even the luckiest players can’t win all the time, so it’s important to get back to the minimum stake every time you win three times in a row. This Roulette strategy can save a lot of your money and turn the game into a great gambling experience.

But not every player prefers these careful approaches: highrollers tend to operate much bigger sums of money because of their dream of winning more. Casinos love highrollers: they tend to spend more money and inspire other players to spend their money freely. At the same time, highrollers sometimes win really impressive sums of money that are impossible to have when you play very carefully: in most casinos, only those players who bet the max can claim the biggest jackpots. One of the most famous risky Roulette systems is the Martingale method: it offers you to double your bet every time after you lose. The idea is similar to some previous ones: every player wins from time to time, so the next winning can cover up all your previous failures. This system is risky because lots of players can’t afford to bet huge sums of money that always appear after a few times you double the stake, but at the same time – the winning can make you pretty rich. There are also the Reverse Martingale and the Grand Martingale that are Roulette strategies similar to the main one but completely different at the same time. The reverse method wants you to double the stake after you win, and Grand Martingale is even riskier: you should not only double the stake after you win but also add one to every new stake you make. Most gamblers are convinced that the reverse version of the bet is less harmful than the original one, so it can be used more often.

Remembering the previous Roulette tips is pretty easy but the next method requires some calculations: the Labouchere system is a bit harder to do in mind but it’s still pretty popular. Think of a goal number as it’s a sum of smaller numbers and make them your goals. Have 6 of them and make a row, then choose the 1st and the last ones, combine them and bet. If you succeed, then cross them out and continue the same with the rest, if you failed, then put the number at the beginning of the row to try again and combine it with the last number. Gamblers claim that this system often allows them to win a lot and these calculations are completely worth it. You can also try the reverse method: add the number to the list after it wins and delete it after it loses.

There are also bad strategies that can’t be recommended: they tend to be either non-effective or dangerous or even both. Also, some of these strategies are based on misconceptions because their creators were misinformed about how the game works. A bad Roulette wheel strategy can waste your time and money, so avoid the 666 Roulette strategy: though its name makes people think of some mystical forces that can lead to a Roulette win, reality shows that players using this system lose more often. The name of the method isn’t that mystical too: it’s just all the numbers of the wheel combined. As you can see from its name, the idea is to bet on many numbers – as many as you can. Though it sounds like it increases your chances to catch the winning number, it actually isn’t.

There are also some useless strategies based on the misbelief that the game actually has patterns: players sometimes try to analyze the numbers where the ball lands more often and bet on it. In fact, a Roulette wheel is completely unbiased and random unless it’s broken: some machines are a bit bent, so they can give false results. Casinos try to fix all the broken machines as soon as they can, so you probably won’t meet a biased casino table. Needless to say that this strategy won’t lead you to the Roulette win: every number can appear in a game a few times in a row and get invisible for a ball for hundreds of games after.

Also, some strategies are a bit different but still loved by many players: they are unique either because of their history of creation or methods used to find the best numbers on a wheel. For instance, people who love James Bond movies can remember the James Bond strategy that can actually be useful for many players. You need 200$ to make three bets in total: one bet is 140$ on numbers from 19 to 36, the second one is 50$ on numbers from 13 to 18, and the last 10$ should be bet on zero. This method is perfect for players who don’t want to play for a long time: this strategy works from a short perspective.

One more method that can lead to Roulette win is the Andrucci system: it’s based on the Chaos theory and physics and its main idea is that every number is eventually used. While some unreliable strategies offer to bet on the most popular numbers, this method offers you to watch a few dozens of spins and make a decision later. Bet on the rest and increase your chances to win at Roulette!

As you may see, there are enough betting methods to try: most of them have their pros and cons but every kind of player can find something special for themselves. Lots of practice and a bit of luck can lead to amazing results: gamblers all over the world play the game for centuries, so it’s as actual and relevant as it used to be. Play reasonably – and the game will eventually reward you or maybe even make your dreams come true! use cookie to improve your experience on our website.
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