Ruby Fortune Canada is one of the most recognizable casinos in the country: most gamblers have heard this name at least once and the service’s audience tends to grow regularly. The service has got a big name and a lot of advantages behind it: the casino is famous for being reliable, enjoyable and convenient. The service can become a great platform for a new player to start their gambling adventure and a great online casino for someone who has already played casino games a lot: the operator is simple and sophisticated at the same time. Ruby Fortune Online Casino has a great future: the number of active players doesn’t seem to go down and the fact that most modern gamblers prefer online gambling over visiting land-based gambling establishments can make this place even more popular.

Ruby Fortune Online Casino Canada was created in 2003 and is popular in Canada since then: just like many online casinos targeted at Canadian gamblers, it’s located in another country but is absolutely legal in Canada. The company has a huge working experience and it improves its service regularly: the casino has managed to achieve a good balance between making money and giving it to players. Also, there are many remarkable advantages that can explain the success of the service: a casino can be good without any major outstanding features but it’s hard to be great without being special. There are a few important advantages of Ruby Fortune Online Casino:

  • Ruby Fortune is an operator that cares for its clients. This can be seen in many little details, and one of them is their generous promotions and bonuses. Lots of new clients can be attracted to the service because of the appealing and friendly extra credits they can get after registration. The existing players aren’t disappointed there as well: they can easily gain extra credits and spins by visiting the service regularly and staying tuned. Ruby Fortune Casino has lots of daily and weekly promotions for their loyal active players, so it’s worth visiting it from time to time;
  • Though money is the most important part of gambling for most players, there are also situations when users just want to try some pokies for free to know more about their game mechanics and algorithms. While land-based casinos can’t afford any slot machines to be played for free, it’s not an issue for online operators: Ruby Fortune allows its clients to try some pokies without making any deposits. Of course, a player can’t win real money without paying it: it’s one of the most important rules of gambling in general. At the same time, free pokies can be seen as a good kind of advertisement making new potential players interested in gambling in general;
  • Another popular type of online gambling is live-dealer games. People who aren’t acquainted with online casinos don’t always understand why gamblers love online services so much: for them, the websites don’t have a soul and can’t give any human interaction for those who prefer table games over pokies. Live dealer games are a great example of the opposite: you can enjoy a game operated by an experienced professional dealer and feel the perfect atmosphere of a real gambling establishment without leaving your house;
  • Another pleasant detail is the customization of the personal cabinet on the website. Every player can change the menu and all the important blocks of it to achieve the perfect convenience of the casino. The operator understands that sometimes even those little details can make users fall in love with the website because it’s simply comfortable and convenient. Therefore, you can always find your favourite pokies without wasting time searching for them again and again;
  • The casino has a license. Having a license is a very important feature of every popular online casino in Canada and abroad. Many experienced gamblers used to be suspicious because they weren’t sure whether they can trust online casinos or not: there were some situations when some unreliable operators cheated and changed the RTP rates to make it almost impossible for users to win. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to do the same thing: there are many special organizations checking operators and looking for them to be reliable and fair. A casino that has great RTP rates and fair odds can be licensed, and only the licenced ones can be trusted;
  • Another remarkable feature of the service is its fast payouts: for many players, it’s important to get their winnings as soon as possible. There are usually a few operations happening before a payout: a casino has to check the information to make sure you haven’t cheated to get the money, and after that, you can withdraw your money. This casino does everything pretty quickly: if you’re lucky to win there, then you won’t wait for too long to get your prize;
  • Like other popular online casinos, the service can impress its clients with a huge diversity of casino content available. Most players don’t check every game they find in the casino but everyone likes being able to choose something special: the site offers more than 500 titles of casino content – and that’s impressive! Progressive jackpots, regular pokies, live dealer games – everything can be found there, and all of these games are created by famous casino soft developers;
  • Ruby Fortune mobile gambling is a great option for those who neither want to visit land-based casinos nor spend lots of time at home in front of a personal computer. Modern players have a fast pace of life and they value the opportunity to do everything conveniently a lot, and that’s why you can use Ruby Fortune Casino Mobile wherever you are. You don’t have to install any additional soft: the main website of the casino is perfectly adapted to mobile screens, so you can easily enjoy your favourite games and use important features of the site in your personal cabinet.

But there aren’t only advantages you should know about in advance: there are also some inconvenient details of the service that can spoil your first impression a bit. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Most modern online casinos have special bonuses to attract clients and this one is no exception, but it doesn’t mean that it’s extremely easy to get them. There are a few important requirements for every bonus to be taken and some players find them too tough – especially for newbies who haven’t got big gambling experience. Also, these bonuses aren’t extremely generous: the casino makes you know that there is a bit of “free” content that can improve your gambling experience but it doesn’t offer a fortune. This approach is pretty honest and straightforward but it’s not as appealing as on some other platforms;
  • The service doesn’t have a live chat for customer support: your issues still can be solved there but it might be not as fast and convenient as in many other casinos. Customer support services aren’t seen as necessary until the first trouble appears but they become essential after it;
  • There is a lot of casino content presented on the website but there are still some kinds of gambling you can’t try there: sports betting is currently unavailable. There are many online casinos that are specially targeted at betting lovers but this one is not one of them;
  • For some players, FAQ isn’t enough to answer all their questions because it’s not that much info there.
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