Gambling has many kinds, so nowadays everyone can choose something appealing to get new experience and to win money. While some players prefer pokies and table games to have fun and try their luck, others choose sports betting as their favourite type of gambling. Betting has a very special type of entertainment: though bettors don’t actually play and the only thing they do is making good guesses, it sometimes requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Having a good intuition is essential there: sports betting is highly influenced by chances, so everyone can win. Players who want to have a bit of control over the process often choose table games that have special winning strategies or complicated rules, and bettors prefer to learn a lot of information about teams, players and events to understand their chances to win money.

Canada has lots of online casinos and bookmakers: making bets is easy and enjoyable, and that’s why this old king of gambling is still popular nowadays. Lots of gamblers are interested in sports and events: they would watch them anyway, so why not make a bet and win some money? In Canada, players can choose one of the popular bookmakers to try their luck, and Sports Interaction Casino is one of them. The company is one of the biggest bookmakers in the country and its audience grows regularly: the service is modern and convenient, and it’s comfortable to make bets and withdraw the money you won there. This Sports Interaction review will help you to learn more about the company and to create an opinion about its service: this operator might be the best one for you!


Many bookmakers tend to have pretty positive feedback when they are fair, honest and pay on time: Sports Interaction Canada is the service that is liked by many users because it’s reliable and trustworthy. The bookmaker is interested in keeping its reputation as good as possible: it cares about its clients and provides a great diversity of options to bet on. In general, every online casino has its good and bad sides because it’s hard to make every client satisfied. Sports Interaction Casino manages to be fair and reliable while making money: this approach allows it to stay on top while attracting lots of new clients. There are some of the pros of the service:

  • Sports Interaction bonus attracts new potential customers with its generous promotion: every new user can have their deposit doubled 100% up to $200. It’s a good start for everyone who’s new on the website: this Sports Interaction bonus makes it easier for players to get excited by betting and to become more loyal to the operator;
  • This website is a good place for bettors interested in having a huge list of betting options: good coverage of the field makes the service perfect even for the pickiest bettors interested in small and relatively unfamous events. You can find lots of Canadian sports games to bet on: no one will be bored there;
  • Like many modern gambling services, Sports Interaction Canada has multiple payment methods available: every user can easily make deposits and get withdrawals with the help of the most comfortable and popular banking systems. Though for most people it’s enough to have a few popular banking options available, others prefer less popular systems that are more convenient for them, and their absence might be disappointing;
  • Sports Interaction also has a great customer support system: every user can ask specialists a question and have it answered. Some issues might appear even if you use an amazing professional bookmaker’s service: there are lots of users who aren’t sure if they understand the rules and requirements or not, who forgot their passwords or have any other troubles. It’s often crucial to have help on time, and the service doesn’t make you wait for too long: local managers work 24\7 to help their users;
  • The service also provides a mobile gambling experience to everyone who’s interested in betting outside their house. Most modern gamblers avoid land-based casinos and prefer online services to make bets but mobile gambling has made the whole process even more exciting. Though there’s no special Sports Interaction app to download, you can always visit the mobile version of the official website to have an amazing experience: all the important features are present there, and it’s as comfortable and enjoyable to use the service mobile as it is from your personal computer. The site is well-adapted and works completely fine on smartphones and tablets;
  • Last but not least – the service doesn’t limit itself to betting. Players can enjoy traditional casino games there as well: there are pokies and table games to try luck and to relax from making bets and waiting for results. Even those gamblers who don’t see pokies as their favourite type of casino content want sometimes to try it, so the service provides a great opportunity to do so.

Though there are enough advantages to give the operator a chance, there are also some unpleasant and disappointing details that can spoil the impression a bit. Some of these things can be fixed in the future while others don’t seem to be changed any soon, so every potential client should be aware of them:

  • Sports Interaction is a bookmaker targeted at Canadian players and most of the games you can find there are Canadian as well. You don’t have an opportunity to bet on many European events and sports games there: though the site might have a few games from Europe available, it’s often not enough for those who are interested in international betting;
  • The service has some bonuses to attract new clients but it’s not that easy to get them: there are pretty tough requirements facing everyone hoping to get the bonuses easily. These free money aren’t actually given for free: players should spend money to unlock them. As you might imagine, this can disappoint many players a lot. Also, some players complain that the bonuses arent very generous in general: there are bookmakers offering more money to newcomers, so that can be another reason why some players choose to use other companies to make sports bets;
  • Finally, the service has a pretty old-fashioned and even outdated appearance: it’s not a huge problem for bettors interested in the service’s content more than in its design but it can be a detail making the whole impression worse. Nowadays it’s not that hard to make a redesign when you’re a big company with a big audience but the operator seems to pay a little attention to it.

In general, players who aren’t only interested in bonuses and tolerate dated website designs can enjoy the service a lot: it has many great features and lots of advantages to attract newcomers and to keep its clients entertained. If you’re a person who takes betting seriously and isn’t just attracted by colourful website ads and covers, then the site is great for you: it’s a great tool to enter the world of betting and to explore it with comfort. It’s comfortable and diverse, it has a good reputation and it has enough features to guarantee a quality gambling experience to anyone who loves betting. High rates and good feedback tend to be more valuable than attractive visual effects and design, so the service definitely can be recommended to Canadian players.

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