There are lots of keen gamblers in Canada: the country has many gambling establishments for those who want to try their luck and many off-shore casino companies are available in Canada too. But it doesn’t mean that all gambling lovers play pokies: though for most people slot machines are extremely recognizable and are always associated with casino games, there are other extremely popular activities that can be enjoyed. Since the end of the 1790s sports betting and horse race betting have become extremely popular. This kind of gambling doesn’t require a gambler to play at all but this casino activity unites lots of sports lovers together because everyone dreams about winning a lot of money with the help of their intuition.

William Hill Canada is a bookmaker from the UK with an impressively long history in this business: the land-based casino was created in 1934 and it still works and attracts new users! No wonder why people still use it: the service is well-known and has a huge name with an impressive reputation behind it. The service has many features to offer: this casino is a perfect place for bettors who like the old-school atmosphere of betting organizations and want to feel like gentlemen from old movies. Learn more about the bookmaker to decide whether it’s a perfect place for you or not!


Just a big name can’t make a bookmaker popular for a long time: a casino should have some advantages and special features helping it to attract lots of new clients. There are lots of qualities of William Hill Casino that are liked by users: it’s a reliable gambling establishment that has only become more comfortable since its online appearance. There are some important pros of the service helping it to stay popular:

  • One of the most important features a bookmaker can have is a big list of wagering options available: the diversity of sports and events you can bet on makes it more exciting for players and sports lovers. William Hill betting options are impressive: you can choose from lots of markets and options and there are all the important sports events presented on the website. Whether you want to try your luck by betting on major events or local ones, you can do it there: the service opens lots of opportunities for you;
  • A famous name of the casino is definitely a magnet for clients: lots of gamblers are interested in a bookmaker that exists for more than 80 years now. One of the most important things William Hill has is its reputation: most bettors don’t trust new bookmakers and prefer good old ones with decades of working experience behind them. William Hill is still available not only in Canada and the UK but also in some other countries all over the world and it seems to have a level of popularity big enough to stay on top. Its reliability and comfort make the service actual for so many years that gamblers trust it completely;
  • The bookmaker uses bonuses and promotions to attract new potential clients – just like many other online casinos do. The service offers a welcome bonus for new users: make a deposit to have up to $500 – that’s a great deal because this bonus can provide a good start on the platform! Of course, there are a few requirements that players should remember: they can be found on the official website of the casino. At the same time, most players claim that it’s not that hard to get the prize – so that’s another reason to try this bookmaker;
  • The service has an interesting feature making betting even more convenient – live betting. This kind of betting has already become extremely popular all over the world: people love to make quick bets while watching their favourite sports games live. This approach turns sports betting into an entertaining activity that can bring you real fun: the service has lots of useful functions making live betting comfortable and pleasant;
  • William Hill mobile betting can become a great leisure time activity for those who dislike spending too much time indoors: now every player can enjoy betting and check their results quickly and conveniently! The website is available via mobile gadgets and is perfectly adapted for both tablets and smartphones: users can easily operate their accounts and bet wherever they are. Also, iOS users can download a mobile app to make their mobile betting experience even more convenient;
  • Finally, the service has a great customer support service allowing anyone to use the bookmaker confidently: it’s always pleasant to know that the specialists can always help you to fix your issues and to answer all the important questions you might have. William Hill cares about its clients and makes everything it can to make them feel protected.

Unfortunately, the bookmaker also has some unpleasant moments that can spoil the impression about the bookmaker – some of these issues might be fixed in the future though. The website is not perfect, so there are a few things every potential user should know about:

  • Every Canadian province has its own laws and limitations connected with gambling, and it’s especially complicated for online casinos to have their business there. Though William Hill sports betting is legal in Canada, there are some regions of the country that can’t use the bookmaker. For instance, the service isn’t available in British Columbia and Quebec: gamblers living there should find other options to bet. Also, the bookmaker has three mobile apps for different regions: a person who travels a lot for work or relaxation might face the necessity of downloading three different apps because each of them works only on its special territory. It’s not an issue for players who don’t travel much though;
  • Some players claim the website has a dated design: this detail can repel some new users interested in modern and attractive websites. Though a good design is not the most important thing, it’s still valuable for creating a good first impression: a bookmaker with a modern and appealing website is seen as more convenient and reliable. Though William Hill doesn’t look awful, it’s still a thing that can disappoint some players;
  • Though the presence of the mobile version of the website and the app is a great thing, players say that these mobile platforms tend to freeze and glitch sometimes. Though it’s pretty usual for many casinos and it’s an issue most people can cope with, these glitches can become problematic while some serious events and games are watched by many users at the same time. Also, some functions aren’t available for the app users: players have to switch to the mobile version of the website from time to time, and it can be annoying. Therefore, a mobile app doesn’t make much sense: it’s more convenient to browse the website via your mobile internet browsers;
  • Another issue is that the bookmaker offers no refunds to its customers: in a controversial situation when you’d like to get your money back you won’t have an opportunity to do so. It’s easy to understand that those complicated situations don’t happen too often: the service has a huge working experience and it allows them to avoid any issues and complications. But sometimes an unpleasant situation can happen to anyone, and at this moment it’s pleasant to know that your interests and money are protected.
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