Imagine a nice modern casino full of people dreaming of winning a lot of money: while some people strongly associate places like that with table games, others are mostly interested in slot machines. It’s no surprise: slots or pokies are extremely recognizable and popular because of their quality and entertainment they provide. A good slot machine is not that hard to find: modern gambling establishments operate hundreds of high-quality pokies because they are always appealing and entertaining, so many gamblers enjoy slot casino games for both profit and fun. Many famous casino soft developers design their games with passion and attention to the details to create real masterpieces: talented artists and developers create beautiful visual and sound effects and attractive backgrounds to make slots pleasing and captivating.

But even though playing slots is a relaxing and entertaining way to spend leisure time, people are mostly interested in how to win at slots: every game makes no sense when you can’t actually win. Most slots aren’t free, so losing too much is not an option: no one wants to be upset because of failing while losing money. Just like other kinds of casino content, slots attract users with their randomness: people can’t influence their results a lot, and their gambling experience doesn’t usually play a huge role. It makes winning at slots even fairer: every player has equal chances to succeed, and it doesn’t require a lot of practice to get closer to your dreams of becoming a rich person. It can be your first try or the thousandth one: no one knows when it’s their lucky day!

But it doesn’t actually mean that you can’t increase your chances even a bit: there are a few important steps every gambler should take to win at slots more frequently. Understanding how pokies work and choosing the best slot machines to play is an important step in becoming a happy winner. Knowledge is power: even though you can’t expect pokies to be overly generous, you still can increase your odds a bit – and even a bit is a lot for gamblers! There are some crucial things you should never forget:

  • Choosing the best slots to play is the first step to success. Though tastes differ and people might enjoy games with different visuals and themes, many objective features can help everyone find the best slot machines for making money. Modern pokies are pretty alike: while most of them have different designs and additional features, they are still very similar in terms of their basic gambling mechanics. Every pokie has multiple pay lines and special symbols, there are bets and rolls – it doesn’t take much time to understand the basic principles of how to play slots. At the same time, there are lots of important mechanics that are hidden from users’ eyes: for instance, RTP rates are crucial because they show slot machine odds. A generous pokie has a high rate: it means that most money players deposit return to them, so the machine provides good chances to win something. Of course, it’s not an exact percentage for every spin: RTP rates are calculated by specialists testing machines for a comparatively long time, so you can’t expect a pokie to return the same amount of money to you. A pokie with 94% RTP gives 6% of the money to the casino and returns the rest but you never know when it will happen. But choosing casino slot machines with high rates is reasonable because it increases your chances to succeed;
  • Though some gamblers believe that real-life pokies are more profitable, it’s pretty far from reality: it’s much more expensive to operate a real gambling establishment than a special website. An online casino can afford to pay more: it’s a great advertisement and a good way of showing loyalty to their clients. Both real-life casinos and online ones are mostly interested in making money but land-based casinos need much more money to operate and service their gambling establishments: though a real casino makes people believe that the money is more real as well, it’s not true. People who are interested in how to win at slots more than in how to spend time well should consider playing online more often;
  • At the same time, practice is strongly recommended: only a gambler who spends enough time playing can understand all the details and features of pokies. It’s also crucial to learn more about the games in advance: read carefully about their special features and symbols, learn the paytable and other details of pokies. Play slots more often to understand them better: you can play slots for free to gain experience without paying a dollar. This opportunity is presented on many online casino websites: online operators don’t have any physical limitations, so they can give some of their games for practice without asking to pay for them. In a real casino, it’s just one person who can play a pokie, but online services allow lots of players to enjoy the same virtual slots at the same time. Though you can’t win any real money when you play slot machines for free, it’s a nice experience that can increase your chances a lot;
  • Don’t forget about the fact that no one guarantees you success. Casinos aren’t generous and they are more interested in making money than giving it away: though licensed and popular gambling establishments don’t scam their clients and provide fair and reliable pokies, no player should feel entitled. Gambling should be seen as a fun pastime activity that isn’t free: only then you can truly enjoy the process and stay a responsible gambler. Don’t see your deposits as investments: you aren’t guaranteed to get this money back or win more, it can happen though. Some players suggest trying slots located in public places with lots of people around: they claim that for casinos it’s profitable to place generous machines there because it can be a great advertisement of their gambling establishments. Though there are no proofs, it might be true: sounds of jackpots and bright lights of pokies can actually attract new potential customers, so it might be reasonable to try these machines;
  • People who are interested in how to win slot machines are often attracted to huge jackpots: the dream of winning a huge amount of money seems too appealing to dream about something less impressive. But specialists claim that those pokies that have smaller jackpots are actually easier to beat: casinos don’t want to lose their money, so promising jackpots often offer fewer odds. Slot tips often advise gamblers not to chase astonishingly big jackpots: these games attract lots of new customers but it’s extremely difficult to profit from them. Also, even smaller jackpots are extremely pleasant to win: winning a few thousands of dollars can be a real game-changer for many players. Therefore, the best slots aren’t those that advertise their jackpots the loudest but those that have higher chances for players to succeed. The same rule works with progressive jackpots: though people play slots with progressive jackpot systems to win a fortune, these pokies tend to have relatively low RTP rates. It doesn’t mean how great the jackpot is if you can’t actually win it: most progressive pokies have a requirement that only those players who bet the most can have a chance to get the biggest prize. It’s far from cheap: most players can’t afford to bet the max and to play long enough to win something. Most slot tips advise not to rick too much because it’s actually easier to waste money than to win there;
  • It’s not only the RTP rate that should be taken into account: all the best slots you can find online have different volatility or diversity. Volatility can be high and low: pokies with low volatility offer smaller jackpots more often than high-volatility slots that give more money but rarely. Players who aren’t afraid to risk often choose high-volatility slots because they promise bigger winnings but most slot tips advise not to do that: just like with progressive jackpots, it’s better to win less money than not to win at all. Also, many specialists claim that simple games are more generous: slots with complicated payout tables with lots of special symbols and combinations work as advertisement and are often pretty hard to beat;
  • Casinos want to stimulate their users to spend more money: that’s why bigger bets win more often. A game usually understands that a person who isn’t risky enough to make big bets isn’t interested in spending a lot of money either: it’s more profitable for casinos to encourage risky and payable players more. If you have 10$ to spend, then it’s better to spend them on a bigger bet rather than on a few smaller ones: it can trigger the system to be more generous to you. Players who prefer to bet the minimum are often those players who are just interested in the gambling process, so they want to spend more time playing, and it’s totally possible when you play with such low bets. But if you’re the player who’s mostly interested in how to win, then bet more to increase your chances;
  • But even if you don’t use minimum bets to play, you should be prepared to play for a long time. There are lots of players who gamble regularly without any visible profits: slots are random and unpredictable, and sometimes it requires many days of gambling to win a valuable prize. As you may understand, people who play for a long time and spend lots of money have higher chances of becoming gambling addicts: it’s much harder to stop playing after you invest a lot of money in slots. Nowadays most popular gambling establishments (and especially those that work online) contain information about responsible gambling and links to special organizations that help gamblers with addictive personalities. Most modern slots are designed to be exciting and captivating: it’s really hard to stop playing because these games often try to encourage gamblers to continue playing. Therefore, sometimes to win means not to play at all.


It’s not that hard to find useful information about how pokies work online: many websites are ready to offer advice on how to succeed and become a great player. Also, many gamblers share information they heard from their acquaintances with their friends: it’s often hard to find the source of information you’ve heard. But the information is sometimes wrong: gamblers often spread misbeliefs that are useless or even potentially harmful for players. There are some of them:

  • Some gamblers are sure that you shouldn’t play slot machine if the previous player wins at this slot. It’s often believed that slots remember the history of winnings, so a machine can’t generate winning numbers too often. It’s far from reality: slots don’t have any memory, so it’s impossible for pokies to know when the last winning combination was generated. Pokies are completely random, so it’s possible to win a few times in a short period of time;
  • Many old-school players tend not to trust online gambling websites: they believe that all of them are scams and it’s better to play in real life. Though there are some unreliable casinos that have biased pokies or slots with changed settings, most gambling websites are completely fine: play at licensed casinos end everything will be fine. Also, you shouldn’t forget that most online casinos have more generous RTPs than land-based ones;
  • Unfortunately, most slot winning lifehacks don’t work: they are created just to draw people’s attention but not to teach them how to become rich and successful. It’s not that hard to win at pokies and there are no shortcuts: don’t expect any guides to tell you some guaranteed ways to win a lot of money;
  • Casinos don’t actually compromise your chance to win: there is no special “killing switch” or “loyalty card” that can delete your winning combinations or spoil your odds. There are many unlucky players who are convinced that something interrupts them from winning money: in reality, slots are random and sometimes people should just admit that they aren’t as lucky as they would like to be. It’s extremely rare to win a million dollars in a casino – and that’s why every story like that becomes a sensation overnight. use cookie to improve your experience on our website.
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