Most modern gamblers are into pokies and sports betting: on many gambling websites you can see hundreds of slot games and betting markets for sports lovers. But there’s another type of gambling that is also widely popular and loved – table games. Lots of gamblers are into roulette, baccarat and poker: these games are exciting and they require players to think and use their knowledge rather than just rely on their luck. Poker is one of the most recognizable and popular casino games: it can be seen in many online casinos and is widely played all over the world. That’s why big poker events have been created: lots of players are interested in playing poker with real people in land-based casinos with their amazing gambling atmosphere.

One of the biggest poker events in the world is taken in Las Vegas – World Series Of Poker. WSOP main event is an amazing poker competition that isn’t available for everyone: it might be pretty hard for some players to visit the city and to take part in the competition. That’s why WSOP mobile apps have been created: WSOP poker can become a source of great experience and practice for those who just want to feel the amazing vibe of being a part of huge poker competition. The app allows players to enjoy the game for free: though it’s not a game for real money, it’s still a great way to spend time and to learn more about Poker!


To understand how to get WSOP free chips and what to do with them it’s essential to learn more about the app in the first place. Like many other casino apps, this game is described as free but there are in-app purchases that can significantly improve your gaming experience. Sometimes it becomes really hard to play WSOP without transactions: some actions require special chips and it’s much easier to buy them for real money than to win. But those players who have always dreamed to visit WSOP main event still want to enjoy the game, so they always try to find some ways to get free poker chips in WSOP. While some games require real money to get you extra features, this game needs poker chips to start a poker game, so it’s easy to run out of poker chips quickly.

But WSOP free gambling is real: you just need to know a few ways of getting chips for free. Some of these ways are easier while others are more complicated and tiring: every player can find a way to get them that is comfortable and convenient. In many apps, players watch ads and take part in everyday challenges to get prizes: they can help them to upgrade, to buy some special features in the game and to collect different special items. WSOP has another approach: collecting poker chips allows players to continue playing. It’s fast to buy them: you’ll see many ads and banners offering you to buy chips on sales with various discounts. But WSOP poker has other ways of getting prizes:

  • At the very beginning of your WSOP play, you can claim your welcome bonus: just like a real casino, WSOP attracts new players with prizes. You can download the app to achieve one million WSOP free chips – isn’t it amazing? But don’t get too excited: these chips will be spent pretty quickly because even at the very beginning of your poker adventure it’s expensive to play WSOP poker. A stake can easily cost you $5000-$10000, so you can easily understand that this prize is actually much smaller than it looks. At the same time, it’s a great opportunity for beginners to have a pleasant start in the app;
  • The app also has a special bonus wheel that appears occasionally: you can spin it to win some extra poker chips as well. There are small and big prizes you can find there, and their size is influenced by your level in the game: higher levels can win more. It happens because every new level you achieve makes the game more expensive for you to play. To increase the chance of seeing the wheel, be an active player and check the game regularly;
  • Every 4 hours of the game you receive a fixed sum of chips that is influenced by a poker club you’re in. These special clubs are rank-like and motivate you to play more to progress: the higher levels of the game receive more extra chips. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to get new levels, and it’s especially seen on higher levels: the progression might take days and weeks of playing. But your regular reward is worth it;
  • The system of invitations is also rewarded in this game: a friend of yours who has decided to download the game and give it a try can bring a lot of free chips to you. Actually, it’s sometimes more profitable to invite friends who might be interested in poker while playing on high levels: players with higher clubs receive more chips than lower ones. It’s not the easiest way to get chips for those who don’t have lots of friends interested in mobile gambling but it’s an opportunity anyway;
  • You can use promo codes to get your reward: nowadays many apps have this feature to promote their services and to stimulate users to be more active. Some of these codes can be found on the official Facebook page of the app, others are hidden somewhere on the Internet: if you have a bit of Sherlock Holmes in your character, then it can become an exciting game for you. Players often share promo codes on their pages as well, so googling for codes can be pretty profitable. Activate the codes in the app to get special rewards;
  • Your in-game friends can send you free chips! Every day players can send a relatively small number of chips to each other: this mechanics creates a friendly atmosphere in the game and stimulates players to help each other. If you want to receive chips, then you should send them as well: they are free, so they won’t be taken from your game account anyway. WIth your game progression, you can receive more chips: as you might see, your game rank plays a very important role in almost every way of getting free content in this game;
  • Play daily challenges to get prizes! It’s easy to understand why lots of players love them: these challenges make players active and give them a reason to visit the game regularly because everyone wants to get some free chips. There are relatively small tasks you should do to get chips: all of them are usually connected with you playing some types of matches or interacting with the game in any other way. It’s easy and enjoyable, so most players take part in these daily challenges;
  • Use poker recall to get chips. It’s another regular way to get chips: though you can’t play the game whenever you want, you can occasionally take part in it. The game isn’t complicated: you should pick five cards from twenty, and some lucky players can win lots of chips there.

In general, the game provides lots of opportunities to win extra money without paying a penny: there are lots of gamblers who want to play mobile games for free and will use every single opportunity to avoid all the transactions, and it’s especially true for games that are claimed to be free in the first place. WSOP game is a nice opportunity for everyone to feel like a real poker star: the game can be really exciting and full of the special casino atmosphere that seems so appealing to many users. Though the game is a bit different from real-life poker, it’s still a great experience and practice for all poker lovers.

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